What are the water and weather conditions like in Cozumel?

Average Water temperatures: Winter/Spring — 75 – 79 degrees Fahrenheit (24 - 27 degrees Celsius)
Summer/Fall – 80 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit (27 - 29 degrees Celsius)
Average air temperatures: Tropical climate year-round with an average air temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

What happens if you cancel my dive?

We dive rain or shine. Weather related refunds are only provided when the port has been closed by the Harbour Master.

Can Non-Divers Come on the Boat?

Yes. We welcome non-divers to come hang out on the boat and enjoy the beautiful waters as long as there is space on the boat.

What kind of dives can I expect?

Cozumel is located on the second largest barrier reef in the world. Water conditions can vary, but visibilty is often 100+ feet. Cozumel offers reef dives, wall dives, swim throughs, wreck diving, and various wildlife to experience. Our divemasters are experts in giving you the experience that you want whether it be relaxing reef dives, or finding macro life our team will work to give you the experience you want.

What if I have my own gear?

You are more the welcome to bring your own gear. We supply gear for those that need it. A BCD, Regulator, and Fins are included in the cost of the dive. Dive computers and other gear can be found on our prices page.